While I have southern roots, my formative years took place in the north. Grizzly nights shoveling snow, drinking hot apple cider, and anxiously anticipating the few months of 75 plus degree weather covered my adolescent years. As I transitioned into adulthood, I met the love of my life. She just so happened to be a southern belle, reared below the Mason Dixon line. It was not a big deal to me that we were regionally different. However, She might as well be as be foreign woman to me. We were polar opposites but it was exactly what attracted me to her. But here is the low down scoop for any non-southerners guide to dating on black southern belle.

1. Drive – I never knew how much belles liked being driven around until I met one. When I was growing up, my parents equally split their time driving the our family. However, when I started dating a belle she wanted me to drive her absolutely everywhere and I soon learned there is no time acceptable for her to drive as long as I’m with her. You could have just gotten broken your leg playing ball and the doctor puts you in a cast. The belle will wheel you out the hospital, help you into the car, hand you the keys and say, “baby I hope you feel better. Drive us home and so I can fix us some dinner.” You drugged up on morphine like wtf.

2. Stationary – never ever ever have I thought that people cared about the quality of card until I met a belle. The quality of the stockcard, the words, the envelope, they all matter. For me, I always thought that if you went through the process of picking out a card, that’s all that mattered. Not true. The brand matters. And the quality matters. Put thought m into any card for you give her. She said will judge you even though you both know it’s just paper.

3. Embrace the small talk – southerners just like talking to strangers. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why someone who has no idea who you are or what you like or even know if you are sane, wants to talk to you about the random ish like the weather, how many miles you get per gallon, or ask you about the brand of your new lawnmower. In other parts of the country, strangers don’t talk unless there is a reason. But put on your friendly face and talk and wave to people who know absolutely nothing about you. She needs to know you can adapt to southern traditions.

So this is just a few tips for the non-southern gentleman to make head with the bsb of your dreams. More to come.